Inspection Committee

Constitution Of Inspection Committee-

The Juvenile Justice Selection Committee constituted under rule 91 of the rules shall recommend names for constitution of the State or District or City level Inspection Committees as required under section 35 of the Act.

The team shall consist of a minimum of five members with representation from the State Government, the Board or Committee, the State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights or the State Human Rights Commission, medical and other experts, voluntary organizations and reputed social workers.

Tenure Of Inspection Committee –

The State Government may create inspection committees for the children's homes for the State, a district and city, as the case may be, for such period and for such purposes as may be prescribed.

Visit of Inspection Committee –

The inspection shall be carried out at least once in every three months.
The inspection visit shall be carried out by not less than three members.
The team may visit the institutions either by prior intimation or make a surprise visit.

Functions of Inspection Committee –

⦁ The inspection committees shall visit and oversee the conditions in the institutions and appropriateness of the processes for safety, well being and permanence, review the standards of care and protection being followed by the institutions, look out for any incidence of violation of child rights, look into the functioning of the Management Committee and Children’s Committee set up under rules 55 and 56 of the rules and give appropriate directions.
⦁ The team shall also make suggestions for improvement and development of the institution.
⦁ The team shall interact with the children during the visits to the institution, to determine their well-being and uninhibited feedback.
⦁ The follow up action on the findings and suggestion of the children shall be taken by all concerned authorities.
⦁ The action taken report, findings and suggestions from the Inspection Committee shall be sent to the State Government.

Termination, Resignation and new Appointment in Inspection Committee –

The termination or resignation, of member of Inspection Committee shall be done in the same manner as is done in case of the competent authority, i.e. Inquiry regarding Termination shall be done in same manner and by the same authority as that of Juvenile Justice Board and Child Welfare Committee.