Advisory Boards

Constitution Of Advisory Board-

The Juvenile Justice Selection Committee constituted under rule 91 of the rules of 2007, shall recommend to set up State, District and City level Advisory Boards, which shall consist of representatives of the State Government, members of the competent authority, academic institutions, locally respectable and spirited citizens, representatives of non-governmental organizations.

Tenure Of Advisory Board-
The State Government shall constitute Advisory Board at State, District, City levels for a period of three years.

Meetings of Advisory Board-
All the Advisory Boards shall hold at least two meetings in a year.

Functions of Advisory Board-

⦁ These Advisory Boards shall inspect the various institutional or non-institutional services in their respective jurisdictions; and the recommendations made by them, shall be acted upon by the State Government.
⦁ The District or City level Advisory Board constituted in terms of sub-section (3) of section 62 of the Act shall also function as the inspection committee under section 35 of the Act of 2000.
⦁ The management and administration of the Juvenile Justice Fund shall be under the control of the State Advisory Board under sub-section (3) of section 61 of the Act of 2000.

Termination or Resignation in Advisory Board-

The termination or resignation, of member of advisory board shall be done in the same manner as is done in case of the competent authority, i.e. Inquiry regarding Termination shall be done in same manner and by the same authority as that of Juvenile Justice Board and Child Welfare Committee.